In 2011, we created Palmer Law Group, P.A.  The firm’s focus is on construction law and commercial litigation.  Our attorney’s provide representation that is experienced, honest and personal to every one of our clients.

Experienced Representation
Anthony Palmer is board certified by the Florida by the Florida Bar in construction law.  Andrew Palmer has worked in the insurance industry for over 25 years.  His prior experience representing insurance companies gives the firm a unique edge in knowing how insurance companies defend claims and how to anticipate their legal strategies.  Both Anthony and Andrew have taught construction law seminars to attorneys and people in the construction industry.  Our attorneys know the law and know it well.

Personal Representation
Our representation is specifically tailored to meet your needs.  You will receive our experienced advice on the merits of your case, all the different options to proceed, and an estimate on the costs it will take to pursue each option.  One legal strategy does not work for every case. In the course of litigation, we are constantly evaluating and reevaluating your case, always giving you new options as they become available.  We keep you involved throughout your case.  You will not be left in the dark, wondering what your lawyers are doing or what is going on with your case.  We strive to arm you with the information necessary to make informed and intelligent decisions.