Lien Services

Talk to our experience lien attorneys at Palmer Law Group. We handle recording of construction liens as well as all other related recordings. We also cover lien litigation of all kinds, including foreclosure of construction liens.

Lien Services:

  • Notices of Commencement
  • Notices to Owner
  • Lien Recording
  • Partial and Full Releases of Lien
  • Satisfactions of Lien
  • Lien Foreclosure
  • Lien related litigation
Our Strengths:

Attorney Anthony Palmer is Florida Bar Board Certified in Construction Law.  He has 16 years of experience in construction law and has represented owners, contractors, specialty trade subcontractors, material suppliers and sureties.

Attorney Andrew Palmer has 37 years experience in construction law and related insurance matters having worked for contract sureties, architects’ and engineers’ professional liability insurers and represented contractors, owners, subcontractors, material suppliers and design professionals.

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Florida Lien Law
Florida lien law states that those who work on a property and/or provide supplies for that property and are not paid in full have a right to make a claim for payment against that property.  Construction lien law is complex and it’s important to have knowledgeable legal counsel to help resolve lien conflicts. Palmer Law Group has over 53 combined years experience representing Onwer, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, design professionals, architects, engineers and surveyors.

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